Process through Your Heartache WITH God: 4 Steps

What do you do when life knocks the breath out of you? How do you handle heartache and discouragement? I’ve dealt with low-level chronic pain for more than a decade. Rather than ignoring the pain, do what I learned. Process through the pain with God.

1. Tantrum – This first step may surprise you. Whether it’s in your car, bedroom, or on a remote mountain side, the first step is to get alone with God. Then let your emotions out on him in prayer. It’ll be ugly. You might curse; you’ll probably cry. He can handle it. He already knows what’s inside of you, but you don’t. In the same way physical sweating releases heat and toxins from your body, so your soul needs to sweat. When is the last time you had a soul-sweat? Let the injustice of your situation slingshot you to the throne of grace. Let injustice be fuel to your intercessory flame. Maybe you feel his pain at injustice just as you feel yours. Ask for him to change things.

2. Thanks – Mourning and sorrow are places you need to visit, but please don’t stay there. There are always more things to thank God for than there are requests to be made. Praise God for the good he has done to you. Praise him for his character.

3. Truth – Once you have remembered that God is good AND that he is good TO you, remind yourself what he says ABOUT you. Read a passage such as Ephesians chapter 1 over yourself. Return to verses in your Bible you have highlighted, or look over prophetic words people have shared with you in your past.

4. Trust – You are now in a place of abiding like Jesus talks about in John 15. Rest in the assurance that he offers. You probably don’t have any more answers than you did when you began this journey, and that’s completely okay. Rest in the mystery. Ultimately, God is sovereign, and he’s good.

What has best helped you work through heartbreak? Do you have a favorite Bible verse? We’d love to hear it! Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. KRISTAIN BRANHAM says: Reply

    amazing read! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

    1. 😄😄😄

  2. “Let the injustice of your situation slingshot you to the throne of grace. Let injustice be fuel to your intercessory flame.“ love this, Grant!

    1. 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks, Erin!

  3. Karyn Hughes says: Reply

    Giving thanks when you have a trauma seems crazy, but it reminds you of your blessings,. Give thanks for everything, both god and bad. Look for the god that comes from bad. You survived it, it made you stronger, it’s over.

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