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“I’m sitting in a Pakistani restaurant in a large metropolitan Middle Eastern city. Masala seasons the atmosphere along with a mix of mutton curries. They mingle in the air with cardamom and the Hindustani chatter of afternoon diners. I start off with a chai tea. I’ve become quite accustomed to the milk and sugar they so commonly make it with. Ah… now I’m ready to write. What would be most meaningful in a book on prayer?”

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  • Do you enjoy prayer?
  • Do you feel successful at prayer?
  • What impact has your prayer life had on your friends, immediate family, and church family?
  • What impact has your prayer life had on the nations?
  • How often do you pray with others?
  • Do you record your prayer requests and/or answered prayers?
  • Do you actually enjoy prayer? (I’m serious. It wasn’t a typo to include this one twice.)

The questions above display the vitality of your prayer life. The confidence and efficacy of your prayers reflect how biblical your functioning prayer paradigm is.

Your biblical understanding should help you feel consistently successful at prayer and joyful in the place of prayer.

Billy Humphrey writes in his book Unceasing, “Rather than parroting liturgical jargon when we pray, we need to understand God’s kingdom and what it means to pray in accordance with His divine intentions.”… How much of your prayer life reflects understanding of God’s kingdom? How confident are you that you’re praying his divine intentions?

I’m a part of a young generation that God is raising up to usher in his end time harvest. A lot of millennials are radically lost, yet among them I see some of the most radical lovers of God in the earth. Around the world in the darkest and hardest to reach areas there are more movements to Christ occurring now than at any other time in all of human history.

I believe that the church’s greatest prayer movements are ahead of us, not behind us. That’s why I’m running this blog, to unite and equip intercessors.

I’ll make it simple. What I want is that through my life, through this booklet, at the end of the day, more people will be spending more time with Jesus than before.

You can’t join with me physically over here in the Middle East, but you can join with me in spirit. Let’s start flowing in the same direction!