My Infatuation with Miss Mystery

“What I think you really want is God,” my friend said to me. What a slap in the face. No, I want the girl!

The protest nearly made it out of my mouth, but I caught it when it was still in the back of my throat.

Surprised at me? I wasn’t talking about my music tastes, my career choice, or even my conflict with a coworker. You see, I was spilling my guts to him about a girl I was infatuated with, one I was thinking about on an almost hourly basis. I wanted her sunny presence, her sweet voice, her enticing figure… to say the least, I struggled to see where he was going with this idea.

In the year and a half since that conversation, though, I find myself more inclined to believe him than ever. In fact, he was right.

I’ll allow that it’s generally accepted that men just don’t get women. Often, this fact is brought up by guys poking fun at how seemingly unpredictable and illogical women can be, but I want to look at it from a different angle, one where it actually reflects a facet of the nature of God. Women and God have something in common, that despite my best efforts, I can’t quite understand them.

I believe the desire for romance the desire to hike trail deep into the mountains and off the map come from the same root desire, the desire for the mystery nature of God. Why? The yearning for the unknown is really the yearning for the divine. Women are a mystery to me, and I’m beginning to think that’s a good thing.

Nothing is quite like the mysterious nature of God. The Apostle John says that no eye has seen God (1Jn 4:12). The fact that He hides himself in clouds in Psalm 97:2 is like the way a bride veils herself on her wedding day. The same way in which the husband longs to lift the veil over her face eternally echoes mankind’s desire for the veil of this world to fold away and reveal the beauty of Jesus.

Now that’s a date to get infatuated over.

Keep wandering, my friends.

Photo credit: Rosalind Chang

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  1. Gillian Lee-Fong says: Reply


    1. Thank you, Gillian!

  2. Really good Grant, I came across a worship song I used to like in the early 2000s, the guy was singing “isn’t this the way You are? Your love is always a mystery..isnt this the way You are with me.” That line was standing out to me just yesterday. He is a mystery and he is what we long for! Bless you in all!

    1. Do you know the name of the song?

  3. isn’t this the way you are 1000 generations

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