You are Three + the Democracy of Healing (Healing School 4)

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For you to approach the subject of healing, you need to know what you are healing. What … are you? You see, you were not exactly an original. When God made you, he was redesigning after a pattern. The pattern was none other than himself.

Just as he is a beautifully mysterious three in one, you are also three in one. You are a spirit, a soul, and a body. The spirit is the inner part of you. It is like the holy of holies. It was completely 100% dead before you came to Christ, and is now 100% alive, seated with him in heavenly places. Your body is the outermost part. It consists of all of the physical materials that make you up from your organs down to the oxygen atoms in your blood cells.

The soul consists of your mind, will, and emotions. It’s where your thoughts, your decisions, your fears, insecurities, infatuations, and excitements take place. It’s where you dream, remember the past, and look forward to the future. You see, the soul, a much-maligned subject in modern western literature, which has functionally been killed off in most postmodern writing, is alive and quite well in the Bible. Much of the subject of this healing school which I endeavor to walk through with you focuses on the soul.

There are a lot of people who can do a much better job than me taking you through scriptural truth about your spirit, as well as how to reconcile with God through Christ. When it comes to your body, I would encourage you to seek the advice of a physician. Whether from traditional Western medicine or Eastern, alternative medicine, he has much wisdom to teach you about your body. That being said, all that a doctor can tell you is subject to the rules of an inferior reality. Heaven is the superior reality, and learning to agree with heaven in your soul is the tour de force of living in divine health.

Let me now say that whatever happens in your life is the result of a majority vote. Your spirit, which is in seated with Christ in heavenly places, always agrees with God. Through it and in it, Holy Spirit dwells and speaks and releases truth into your being. You activate your spirit when you read the Word of God as well as speak in tongues. Your body, only under hand, is squarely within creation. It is subject to the natural laws which exist in time and space. That also means your body is subject to sickness, aging, and disease.

The soul, on the other hand, has a choice. It can agree either with the heavenly reality of God or with the earthly reality of the natural world and its laws. To bring this to a point, what am I saying? I’m saying that in the tribunal of your being, your soul casts need deciding vote that determines your health. Will it be 2/3 in favor of the natural, or 2/3 in favor of the supernatural? Will I agree with the facts, the lab reports and the prognosis? Or will I agree with the truth, what the Bible says about God’s willingness to heal all? Yes, the ebbs and flows of your existence are surprisingly democratic.

In John 13, it says that Jesus “loved his disciples to the end,” or, “showed them the full extent of his love.” The Greek New Testament word for saved it is sozo, which is much more than just rescuing. It actually refers to healing, but not in the sense that we say: a paper cut on my hand can be healed. No; sozo means saved completely and entirely … spirit, soul, and body.

The man who was lame by the gate called beautiful in Acts chapter 3 provides us a beautiful picture. When he was healed, he went walking, leaping, and praising God. He was walking in that he was physically healed. He was leaping because he was emotionally healed, and his heart was glad. Lastly, his spirit was healed, and he went away praising God. This is the template from which we understand the three-part healing.

It’s time; you have the decision. Are you ready to cast the deciding vote?

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