Healing School: Let the Journey Begin

I’m starting a new series of blogs called Healing School.

Many of you know that over the past decade I’ve struggled with intermittent chronic pain in many different areas of my body. I’m writing about this not because my symptoms are gone. I’m also not starting this new venture because I’ve mastered the concept of healing or have a set of steps for you. It’s because I’m currently in the healing school of Jesus, and I want to invite you into my journey.

Let me begin this endeavor by saying that it’s entirely intrinsic. That’s right; I’m really doing this for me. Teaching is something that I greatly enjoy, and explaining my journey to you gives me an excuse to review the wonderful things that God has spoken to me and taught me, which will encourage me. It’s my hope that my vulnerability will give someone the courage to be more vulnerable before God and their brothers and sisters in faith… and maybe, just maybe, it will encourage your faith as well.

My mind goes back to the famous Rev. John Watson’s quote from the late 1800s: “Be pitiful [compassionate], for every man is fighting a hard battle.”

As I travel along this rocky path, I invite you to join me. I don’t know how much longer I have on the painful side of this journey, but I know that today will feel a little bit more enjoyable if my eyes are on the Savior in the boat rather than the waves and wind raging around the boat.

Are you ready? Let’s go. [to be continued . . .]

3 Replies to “Healing School: Let the Journey Begin”

  1. Amen thank you for sharing and starting this idea.

  2. Linda Carter says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing and opening up this opportunity for others to be encouraged in the waiting. I have been thinking about the power of encouragement and the life that it brings to a weary soul. I read somewhere recently that “encouragement is like oxygen in the life of a church. It keeps hearts beating, minds clear, and hands inspired to serve.” The enemy tries to keep us silent in our waiting in hopes of isolating us so that we live in a state of discouragement so that our lights will grow dim.
    Grant, you are a shining light in a dark place. God is using you in a mighty way! Thank you for answering the call. Continuing to pray for complete healing and divine encounters!

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