How to Write Songs: Notes on Creativity from Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman

Here are some practical tips from Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman on songwriting:

  • Write from your own need for God. Others engage your song if they are able to relate to it.
  • Give yourself a deadline. You’re never really finished with a song, and it’ll remain in a nebulous state until forced out. Perfectionists will get stuck trying to find the absolute best melody or chord progression, and less focused types will become distracted from the song without a deadline. It’s the same effect as with writing blogs; I only started blogging consistently this year when I decided to make myself come out with a new blog each week, whether it’s good or not, long or short, inspired or boring.
  • Simple is better. Just remember, simple does not mean easy.
  • Write from the Word of God. The Scripture reveals the nature and heart of God through Jesus; when you sing it back to Him, it helps your heart engage Him in a deeper way.

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