Billy Humphrey’s 4 Meditation Keys (pt. 2)

In our fast-paced, consumerist, interconnected, microwaveable, express-delivery primed culture, slowing down to rest feels like the most /un/natural thing in the world. It puts me in mind of a mile-long freight train just putting on its breaks. Have you ever heard the diabolical screeching? That’s that’s how strongly my mind resists coming to rest!

What’s that? You would still like to try? OK! It’s difficult but not impossible.

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Billy Humphrey’s 4 Meditation Keys (pt. 1)

February 12, 2006. I’m posting on the 14th anniversary of this date. Why do I bring it up? Not because I was a fashion-challenged, hopelessly nerdy high school junior at the time! It’s the day that International House of Prayer-Atlanta began its 24/7 worship. Since then, thousands of musicians and prayer warriors alike have joined to keep the flame of adoration and intercession burning over the city of Atlanta. It’s[…]

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